scow schooner JE Pierce

Our scow schooner began life on Galveston Bay as part of The Galveston and Trinity Bay Marine Museum.  The Scow Schooner Project, as it was called, was an educational and promotional program.  Their first project was to build a working replica of a cargo schooner indigenous to the Texas coast during the late 1800’s.  But due to unforeseen circumstances, they were not able to finish the ship even though they had made considerable headway on the hull.

Around the same time, the Port Aransas Preservation & Historical Association (PAPHA) was looking to build a tall ship for Port Aransas.

The two groups got together, and in the summer of 2013 PAPHA took possession of the hull along with a host of materials and small craft, thus jump-starting our own plan to build and launch an early Texas sailing ship.

The ship is now being completed at Farley Boat Works.

Read the story of her beginning, courtesy of The Schooner Project website.