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The Port Aransas Preservation and Historical Association (PAPHA) is a volunteer group with an outstanding record of accomplishments and, as an active forward looking organization, a set of equally ambitious goals.

Our two institutions, the Port Aransas Museum and the Farley Boat Works, continue to be in excellent financial condition and remain extremely popular with residents and visitors from all over the world.

PAPHA‘s Accomplishments

  • We created an inventory of historic sites and architectural styles in Port Aransas
  • We created the Port Aransas Museum by acquiring, moving, and restoring the historic Life Saving Service station
  • Our brand new museum received the “Texas Historical Commission Award of Excellence in Preserving History”and was judged to be “head and shoulders” over all other new small museums
  • We established the Carol Woodfin Endowment Fund
  • We purchased, restored and re-established the historic Farley Boat Works
  • We have built 50 boats and have expanded the program to include classes and lectures
  • We retired the Farley Boat Works acquisition debt, a 15-year note, in 3 years and are now entirely debt free
  • We have published two books of historic significance:
    “The Mercer Logs: Pioneer times on Mustang Island“
    “Hard Heads and Half Gales: Tales from Tarpon, Texas”
  • We campaigned for and received official recognition of the Old Town District
  • We have created an outstanding, and growing, archive of more than 20,000 historical photographs and documents
  • We host a very popular annual Winter Lecture Series
  • We host the annual Old Town Festival, Port Aransas plyWooden Boat Festival, and Farley Classic Golf Tournament
  • We have produced six major museum exhibits
  • We continue to provide local history education for students from Port Aransas and surrounding towns
  • We are building a Maritime Museum at Farley Boat Works
  • We are building a Texas Schooner to be the tall ship for Port Aransas

PAPHA’s Goals

  • To increase the Carol Woodfin Endowment from the current $50,000 to $3,000,000
  • To encourage the purchase and preservation of historic structures in Old Town
  • To provide a framework for Old Town architectural standards
  • To expand the museum programs and classes