Some of the small boat projects underway at FBW this winter

Volunteer Steve Potter adopted the little donated pram as a restoration project. She’ll ride on the deck of the schooner when we’re under sail.

Harry Martinez’s Tango Skiff is looking great with its final primer coat.

The 14′ Babson Island skiff was unfinished when donated to us.  She’ll be part of the rowboat livery we’re planning to run at the city marina.

We’re excited to be building our first kayak, a test build of the Pygmy kayak kit. She’s becoming a thing of beauty thanks to the fine work of volunteers Norm, George, Steve, Mike and Tom. Once completed it will be auctioned at our March 5 fundraising dinner.  We plan to offer a class where students build their own kayak in seven days. Stay tuned for more information.