Lydia Ann, our Texas scow schooner, is looking good!

Dan Pecore and Mike Oldani recently finished construction and installation of the mid-ship seating area and battery boxes. The seats run lengthwise along the ship and feature hinged bottoms with dry storage compartments beneath them. The battery boxes have lids that lift off for easy access to the eight large, heavy batteries needed to power the electric motor; they sit along the center-line of the ship and double as ballast for the vessel.

The Schooner Team is now building the doghouse, aka cabin.  Constructed out of mahogany and mahogany-plywood, it provides a place for the crew to get out of the weather and dry storage for gear and supplies.

Other features vissible in these photographs are the centerboard trunk (the long, skinny, green slot between the two seating/battery compartments), openings in the forward bulkhead that allows access to the area below the forward deck, and the floor grates that allow access to the bilge. The large timbers running athwartship in the photos are the deck beams. They are made of longleaf pine and will support the deck.