Work on the Texas Scow Schooner “Lydia Ann” continues at a steady pace.

The team drilled the long hole for the prop shaft through the keel and keelson, a very exacting job through 5’ of mahogany.  To accomplish the task they first had to design and build a custom-made boring bar of 2 ½” shafting with a 2 ½ inch Forstner bit at the end.  They approached the job from the bottom up, taking it slowly, until the bit emerged out of the keelson. After installation of the stern tube which will have bearings at each end and will house the propeller shaft, she’s now ready for installation of the electric motor, which should arrive this week.

The “doghouse”, or cabin, is being roofed with two layers of 3/8 inch marine plywood supported by cambered Mahogany roof beams.  This called for exacting construction with close fits and careful design.

Handholds for the companionway carlins (framing members running fore and aft) were inspired by a handsaw.

Once the cabin is finished and the motor is installed, we will begin building the decks.