The lovely lines of Lydia Ann are becoming more and more apparent as work progresses.  The 40′ ventilated gunwales that run down the shear on both sides of the hull were made by milling 18′ planks of Mahogany then scarfing the boards together.  They are secured to the hull with epoxy and stainless steel bolts.  They will be varnished to show off their beautiful color and grain.

Decking is made up of two layers of marine plywood laminated together with epoxy then covered with epoxy saturated Dynel cloth.

The bowsprit is constructed from Douglas fir timbers glued together with epoxy, then carved and shaped with hand tools. The cutwater is also constructed of Douglas fir but is laminated from 1/2″ thick pieces glued together with epoxy.  She’s looking great; come take a look for yourself!