Building a jetty is a huge undertaking and the folks who did it had to think big.  The first task was to lay a railroad line out into the sea.  This required bringing an 0-6-0 steam locomotive, a steam pile driver and a steam crane mounted on flat cars to the island.

The heavy equipment was delivered to Morris & Cummings Cut on the San Antonio & Aransas Pass line, then loaded onto specially made barges with train tracks on them, transported to the Mustang Island work site and unloaded.

Thousands of trees made into pilings and tons of steel rails were brought over and the building of the railroad to nowhere began.  When the rail line was finished flat car loads of rocks were dumped into the sea beginning at the farthest end of the line, a mile from shore. The work continued until the jetty finally connected with the shore. Then everything was loaded up and hauled away. Everything, that is, but the bell from the engine; it is now on display at the museum.


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