Aransas Pass Gets a Lighthouse

After much discussion and some political maneuverings a lighthouse for Aransas Pass was approved in 1853. The United States Government permitted the purchase of 25 acres from the state of Texas for $31.25.

Map showing old Aransas Pass.

Old Aransas Pass

Construction began February 16, 1856 and the job was finished by July 26 of the same year. Some interesting bureaucratic bungling followed; it was not until July 15, 1857 that the lens was installed and the station showed its light to the world.

Fourth Order Fresnel Lens

This lens was the heart of the Aransas Pass Light station from 1865 until it was decommissioned in 1954. This is the second lens to light the Aransas Pass tower. It was installed immediately after the end of the War Between the States.

The first lens was either destroyed or removed and buried by Confederate troops. They were ordered to disable the tower so it could not be used by the invading Yankees.

That lens has never been found.

Two women standing in front of a glass case with the fresnel lens inside.

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