Port Aransas Boatmen: Big catch of fishOur fourth exhibit gave us a great view of island life as seen from a tourist’s perspective. As early as 1900 folks began mailing pictures of Port A (then named Tarpon) and Mustang Island to family and friends, far and wide. This fun presentation of some of those images is broken down into 4 major categories: Iconic, Fishing, Economic, and Maritime. An example of what you’ll see in the Fishing section is a group of postcards from 1900 to 1948 highlighting fishing guides and how their vocation developed on the island.

We had access to over 800 postcards to create this exhibit thanks to the generosity of folks like Jim Moloney and Capt. Marvin Horner who shared their valuable collections with us.

Click on each of the titles below to download PDF files of the panels with text and postcards from the show.

Iconic Postcards

Fishing Postcards

Economic Postcards