The Port Aransas Museum opened for business in 2008. Since then, we have produced a new exhibit each year, leaving it up so that both our summer and winter visitors can enjoy learning about the rich history of our island life.

We are now working towards putting these exhibits on the website. A big thanks to our 2013 summer intern, Evan Arnold, for helping us pull the information together.


We have covered the following topics in our exhibits:

  1. Whose House Was This?
    Our first exhibit explored the history of the very building that houses our museum.
  2. Taming the Channel: An Epic Story
    This exhibit is a thorough study, for without the jetties we wouldn’t have a town.
  3. 100 Years of Sportfishing
    Our third exhibit, celebrated Port Aransas’ hundredth birthday and the resource that brought us fame.
  4. The History of Port Aransas Through Postcards
    Because we have always been a very popular tourist destination, we put together this great exhibit.
  5. Great Winds and High Water; Hurricanes that Rocked Port Aransas
    Weather, like politics, formed our town and was the subject of our 5th exhibit.
  6. Six Periods of War and Strife
    This exhibit explores Port Aransas’ involvement in major conflicts, from early settlement times to today’s global war on terrorism.

Taming the Channel

Aerial view of entrance to channel and harbor

100 Years of Sport Fishing

Boats take off as tournament begins.

History Through Postcards

Port Aransas Boatmen: Big catch of fish