Jim Moloney, a Corpus Christi businessman with a keen interest in the history of South Texas, has an extensive collection of historic photographs that he readily shares with the Port Aransas Museum.  One of his most recent acquisitions is this aerial view of Port Aransas taken by noted photographer Doc McGregor in 1937.  Mark Young, local historian and lifelong resident of Port Aransas, was able to identify many of the buildings in the photograph.  Remarkably, some of them still exist and are in use today after close to 90 years on our storm swept barrier island.

Identification of buildings in 1937 Doc McGregor photo

  1. Brundrett taxidermist shop built from the wrecked barge Utina after it hit the south jetty on Thanksgiving day.
  2. Mustang Cottages on White Street.
  3. Channel View Courts, later became Harbor View, built by John Milina who was married to Bessie Mathews.
  4. House moved to next-door lot, still exists.
  5. Post Office.
  6. Part of the Tarpon Inn.
  7. Mathews Building with Pilot House on top, built in 1928 by Simon Mathews, Bar Pilot.  Destroyed after Hurricane Celia in 1970.
  8. Teller residence, moved in 1990’s to Channel View drive next to Channel View Condominiums, still exists.
  9. United States Coast Guard Station, built 1925.
  10. Buckhorn Cottages.
  11. Farley Boat Works, built from leftover bricks from the 1919 storm.
    Bricks were from the demolished telephone office. Some of these bricks still exist in a private collection.
  12. Ed White’s House
  13. Harry Page and Agnes Mathews house.
  14. Old Blacksmith shop.  Anvil and vise from the shop are in a private collection.
  15. N B Hamilton house, survived 1919 storm, still exists.
  16. One of the Mercer family homes, burnt down early 1970s.
  17. Gauldings store, still exists at Alister and White.
  18. Alister family home, survived 1919 storm (1 of 7 that did), still exists.
  19. Catholic Church, built 1902, still exists but now privately owned.
  20. Mateo Bujan Home, moved to 10th Street, still exists.
  21. Possibly Woodman Hall.
  22. Sims properties.
  23. Cedar Hill, Beach street runs through it today.
  24. Home on Mercer, still exists.