The centerboard for Lydia Ann is no small thing

Constructed of four layers of 3/4″ epoxy coated marine plywood

Dimensions are roughly 10.5′ long x 4′ deep x 3.75″ thick

Weight is between 400-450 lbs (took 6 strong men to turn it over)

The pin, a 9″ x 1.5″ dia. stainless steel rod cut from the propeller shaft of a very large boat, will hang on a set of 3 stainless steel bushings

Stainless steel lifting eye to raise and lower centerboard

Wear shoe is 12′ x 0.25″ x  2″ bronze

Built by FBW volunteers Mark Schroeder and Harold Yoesel

When lowered, the center board allows our schooner to sail into the wind.  When we sail with the wind coming over the side of the boat or behind it, the center board will be raised into its case or trunk, which is now being built by shipwright Dan Pecore and assistant Mike Oldani.