Building the Scow Schooner

Follow our progress as we build Lydia Ann, the tall ship for Port Aransas

Hull is Finished and Ready to Flip

October 21st, 2015|Building the Scow Schooner|

We spent the last few weeks reinforcing the joint where the keel meets the hull with 2 layers of epoxy saturated fiberglass; sheathing the hull with 2 layers of epoxy saturated Dynel cloth to increase abrasion resistance; filling and fairing; attaching the bronze keel shoe to protect the keel in case of grounding; and, finally, [...]

Brand New Keel on Lydia Ann

November 10th, 2014|Building the Scow Schooner|

Amy VanDerLee, a trained shipwright who now lives in Austin, volunteered an entire week of her time and expertise to help us get this big important job done.  Ken Curlee led the effort and Cameron and Rick Pratt, along with volunteers from the Farley Boat Works, completed the team.  We started on Sunday morning and [...]