Building the Scow Schooner

Follow our progress as we build Lydia Ann, the tall ship for Port Aransas

Centerboard Installed in Lydia Ann

February 21st, 2016|Building the Scow Schooner|

The Schooner Team successfully installed the centerboard in the centerboard trunk on Monday, February 8th.  PAPHA President Greg Smith deftly operated the backhoe as the rest of the team guided the massive board into the narrow slot. The Team: Harold Yoesel, Charlie Ferguson, Mark Schroeder, Dan Pecore, Rick Pratt, Greg Smith, Mike [...]

Deck Framing & Centerboard Trunk

January 17th, 2016|Building the Scow Schooner|

Construction of the deck framing, centerboard trunk and centerboard is underway. The shear clamps, long boards running fore and aft along both sides of the interior of the hull, support deck beams.  Deck beams are the boards that run across the boat, or athwart ship, and support the deck. All of the deck framing is [...]