Building the Scow Schooner

Follow our progress as we build Lydia Ann, the tall ship for Port Aransas

Gunwales, Decking & Bowsprit

February 17th, 2017|Building the Scow Schooner|

The lovely lines of Lydia Ann are becoming more and more apparent as work progresses.  The 40' ventilated gunwales that run down the shear on both sides of the hull were made by milling 18' planks of Mahogany then scarfing the boards together.  They are secured to the hull with epoxy and stainless steel bolts.  [...]

Prop Shaft, Cabin Roof & Inspired Design

August 26th, 2016|Building the Scow Schooner|

Work on the Texas Scow Schooner “Lydia Ann” continues at a steady pace. The team drilled the long hole for the prop shaft through the keel and keelson, a very exacting job through 5’ of mahogany.  To accomplish the task they first had to design and build a custom-made boring bar of 2 ½” shafting [...]

Seating, Battery Boxes, Dog House

June 24th, 2016|Building the Scow Schooner|

Lydia Ann, our Texas scow schooner, is looking good! Dan Pecore and Mike Oldani recently finished construction and installation of the mid-ship seating area and battery boxes. The seats run lengthwise along the ship and feature hinged bottoms with dry storage compartments beneath them. The battery boxes have lids that lift off for easy access [...]