Blue and white Farley boatEstablished 1915 – Re-Established 2011

The sounds of the boat shop can be heard as soon as a visitor enters the building. Visitors see the shop in action and watch boats being built. Thus the shop is a living exhibit.

Starting the Process

We began the process of teaching boat building by training several teachers. Doyle Marek, who created and then ran the boat building program at the Port A schools, was our head trainer. He taught a select group of our folks to build a Port A skiff. These simple but highly useful boats are distinct and unique to our island.

Once this process was understood and we built a boat or two to see how our shop functions, we expanded to offering classes to the public who want to build a skiff for themselves.

Next step is to recreate the small rowing/sailing skiffs that were so common during the Tarpon, Texas era. This fleet of boats will be available for use at the City Marina during the “season”. And finally, we are building a 60′ scow schooner like the ones that plied our local waters in the days of sail.

Stay tuned.

Join us!

If you’d like to take part in any of our projects contact Dan Pecore, manager of the Farley Boat Works.
361-816-9789 or

Men working on boatsHours

Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 am-noon, 1-3 pm

Rest of the year
Tuesday – Saturday, 8:30 am-noon, 1-5 pm

In the News

The following articles from the Port Aransas South Jetty newspaper tell how it’s all come about: